Why Austin is SO COOL

What is so cool about the Austin Real Estate market is that it’s like an appetizer sampler plate. If you can’t decide between spicy Miami, cool ranch Kansas City, or relaxing margarita Del Mar, Austin is a great choice. When you don’t want any one particular flavor but an infusion of ALL tastes at once, spend 20 minutes driving around Austin and you’ll know what I mean! Down South is the SoCo district with their hot new condominiums sprouting from the ground like iris bulbs. Drive central to the revitalized 6th and 5th streets with live music and sexy Austin lofts. Getting north of town brings you to huge oak trees and patio dining at the Arboretum.

What else is cool about Austin? The real estate market bubble is non-existent… while news anchors nationwide bark about a bubble bursting, Austin sits back and has another mojito. A bubble burst is as foreign a concept as putting a 7-11 hot dog on your awesome sampler plate (although I will confess to loving gas station hot dogs, they just don’t go with the wildly amazing flavors already on the plate)!

This morning I read on the Single Pointe Realty blog about pricing in Austin and where we stand. Pricing is creeping up to where it should have been in the first place, into the range of the market’s true worth. We aren’t headed for an astronomical surge in pricing, but they are inching higher and higher. The good news is that this strengthens our market even MORE while other markets (Detroit’s market ringing any bells….?) slip into a weaker position.

That Real Estate Guy gives great advice to people in the market to get OFF that wobbly fence and go for it! Prices aren’t going to go back down and people shouldn’t procrastinate their way out of a house. As for me and my sampler plate, I’ll happily take more salsa and a mojito- cheers!

That's my Two Cents,
Austin Realtor’s Wife

*****SO, what is YOUR market like? Spicy, Tangy, Mojito-ish? :)

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