Real Estate Market Bubble

When I was little, despite missing two Easters in a row (chicken pox twice- seriously), I still believed in the Easter bunny. I also spent many years of my life preparing cookies for Santa, Lego houses for the Tooth Fairy (don’t ask), being scared of Alligators under my bed (again, don’t ask), avoiding cracks in the sidewalk, and even watching the skies for any saucer shaped object watching for a possible streak of light to follow!

All of those mythical things I spent time worrying about were all for nothing, and as each legend dematerialized before my eyes (regardless of what he says- dad told me he shot the Easter bunny, Santa got stuck in the chimney, the Tooth Fairy was broke and that aliens only existed if you did drugs), I became disillusioned. I was irritated that people around me went to such great lengths to scare me (Alligators under the bed so I would stay put) or prepare me for events that benefited them (watching dopey kids hunt for dairy products in the yard every spring- what a laugh)! I learned from those things and came into adulthood, slightly jaded and overly analytical.

Like Santa, the “Austin Real Estate Bubble” we hear about “bursting” from poorly dressed local anchors is all smoke and mirrors. Perhaps markets like Schulenburg, Texas or Clovis, New Mexico suffer stagnant markets while the east side of Atlanta, Georgia and Hollywood, Florida simply fail so miserably. All four cities are examples of markets irrelevant to Austin yet, they are taken into account when the national news anchors rant endlessly about the “bubble burst.” Austin isn’t a bursting bubble, it doesn’t pay children for rotting teeth, nor does it break your mother’s back when stepped on. Austin’s market is doing better than ever- look at any Austin Real Estate blog which will bore you with nothing more than charts about said successful market statistics (or “stats” if you’re cool). So please- stop worrying about the “bubble” in Austin- it isn’t in the near future, but if it gets close to becoming a reality (think believing in saucer shaped objects in the sky), we will most certainly let you know!

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Anonymous said...

interesting... You've put away all childish things - except for your crystal ball.