So What? I'm a Grammar Nerd...

So this is just a rant about my “Grammar Feelings.” I have an English Degree from the University of Texas, and I often hear things that grate on my every last nerve (even when I go back and read my own mindless writing).

Mistakes that I hate and demand cease in the online community at once:

*Bad: “I did good on that tour.” Good: “I did well on that tour.”
This is the most flagrant offense in the book- I command thee to use adverbs appropriately (bonus points for anyone who can point out the adverb in this sentence).

*Bad: “The sign was put on it’s side.” Good: “The sign was put on its side.”
When the apostrophe is present, it is used as a substitute for a letter, therefore “it’s” exclusively means “it is.”

*Bad: “Its obvious that I can’t.” Good: “It’s obvious that I can’t.”

*Bad: “I always loose my keys.” Good: “I always lose my keys.”
I LOVE reading this one- loose is reserved for a street walker or a big blouse.

*Bad: “I moved over their.” Good: “I moved over there.”
“There” refers to a location, “their” refers to something belonging to another group of people.

*Bad: “It’s you’re fault we are late.” Good: “It’s your fault we are late.”
This is a repetitive lesson- apostrophes are used as substitutes for letters, so “you’re” ALWAYS means “you are.”

*Bad: “I could of finished.” Good: “I could have finished.” I blame this on the buck-toothed goons that have butchered the language. If you need an explanation on this, please go back to third grade, rinse and repeat.

I could go on forever! I was 15 when I corrected my then-stepmother when she said to my little brother “oh, you did so good on that!” I had never spoken back to my parents but I couldn’t take it any more- I said, “you mean ‘you did well on that.’” She was furious and I told her that I was embarrassed and didn’t want people to hear her and think I come from an ignorant family. When she begged my father (who has the same grammar sensitivities) to intervene, he simply supported me by saying, “she’s right.”

The problem is that we are living in a virtual E-World with its own rules and regulations, all of which have become acceptable (see my UT transcript featuring a course on “Internet Ethics and the Online Evolution”- oh yeah, it’s really a class). So, Internet Users, I’ll agree to conform by occasionally typing “sup? I miss you guys ‘cuz u rock!,” as long as you all take a five minute grammar lesson, stop saying “I did good,” and STOP hurting my Grammar Feelings.

Oh, and I’ll head you off at the pass and ask that comments be based on (1) all grammar mistakes made in this blog and (2) any new lessons you’ve learned. L8r, yo!


Dave Lopez said...

All this time I thought Rocky Balboa was a genius when he said: "I could of been a contender"
Who new! :)

Anonymous said...

She was furious and I told her that I was embarrassed and didn’t want people to hear her and think I come from an ignorant family.

My grammatical sensitivities have been offended.

Austin Realtor's Wife... said...


THANK GOD someone read this with open eyes! See, even the grammar snobs can be grammar idiots! We need more sensitive people like you :)

Anonymous said...

LOL Note that I speak IM too. :) Best of luck with your new blog and with your life as a real estate spouse. At least Austin is a great market to be in right now.

Austin Realtor's Wife... said...

So here is what my father (referenced in the article) had to say (via email instead of posting a comment... whatever):

"Subject: From the first few listings on Craigslist / Wanted...

1. i am looking for working coin operated washers. i will pick up in the austin area. (Bad self-image to lower-case his "I").

2. WANTED a old metal gear

3. Pleae email me or call me at 512-928-0456. Thank you. (Isn't pleae a curtsey in ballet?)

4. i need to buy one asap! my price range is $30 or less. (Bad self-image again).

5. "roto tiller hoe shovel wanting to get garden started"...(that was
it!) Does the shovel want to get started?

6. Hi me and my boyfriend are teens lookin for a fun job. (****I had to censor my dad's comment on this one... he had a wonderfully inappropriate suggestion for these kids****)

Just for starters!"

Thanks for the contribution, dad!

Greg Tracy said...

These are things that need to be said- Bravo!