Congress Pressured to Allow Non-Employer Groups to Offer Health Insurance

Kudos to NAR for urging Congress to allow non-Employer Groups (aka the Self Employed) to offer Health Insurance. If we could get a bulk rate for our optional insurance (just as Dell, Archstone-Smith, Best Buy, and thousands of other companies) through NAR, there wouldn't be such a disparity between the Realtors that are insured and those who are not. Moreover, with 1.3 MILLION "employees," NAR represents a gigantic work force. I hope they continue to squeeze Congress on this issue- WE DESERVE IT!

The problem with the current spectacle made of Health Insurance Coverage for the self employed (ahem... that would be the entire Real Estate Industry) is basically a State's Right to Govern vs. Fedral Goverment's Right to Govern (forgive all of the caps, I just feel like using them).

So, Mr. State A says, "insurance carriers must provide X, Y, & Z for all those insured, and they may not cover X, Y & Z." Then Mr. State B says, "insurance carriers must provice A, B, & C for all those insured, and they may not cover A, B, C." Already, you see the problem. If State A and State B can't play nicely with each other in the sandbox, they go to separate corners of the sandbox and play alone. Imagine what would happen if State A and State B tried to find common ground- what giant, beautiful sandcastles they could build together instead of their little dumpy independent sandcastles.

Listen, I am NOT a proponent for more governmental control of ANYTHING- in fact I think insurance should have nothing at all to do with what W or Kay Bailey Hutchison (huge fan of theirs, by the way) find necessary to legislate, and I think they would agree that it should be a non-governmental issue. While hospitals are being overrun by people with paper cuts that need bandages that have no intention of paying their bill, the nation is left to pay.

So, how does this apply to Real Estate, crazy ranting Realtor Wife? When too many cooks are in the kitchen, you will inevitably end up with crappy, burnt food. The real issue should be health care REFORM, not who can be insured. I believe that we should be financially responsible for our own insurance costs, but I should not be penalized because I no longer work for a Fortune 500 company. If paper cut victims remain responsible for their health care, there would be no reason for health care providers to be nervous to the point of gouging prices for others. If State A and State B could get together and unify their regulations, Insurance Providers would be able to offer a nationally recognized plan that is available for all (despite what price they choose to charge... I DO believe in capitalism), but as it stands, Insurance for the Self Employed is needlessly, RIDICULOUSLY HIGH!!!

Many Realtors have to rely on their spouse working somewhere for insurance coverage, but that is a terrible reason for selecting your workplace! NAR, please please please continue using Realtor fees for these types of GOOD causes!!!

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