Pirate Tactic

In the pee contest that is blogging about Zillow, I learned a new blogging tactic... Pay close attention; you should try this out:

If someone posts a well written thesis on a topic you have addressed (especially a comment complimentary to the material in your article), you should definitely moderate that comment (and by moderate, I mean opt not to publish it at any point in time) because it is such a gold mine of a comment.

THEN, you should write a blog that very same day that mirrors what I had noted on your site just hours before. Oh, and never go back and post that comment because you could look like a pirate. And by pirate I mean idiot. An idiot pirate (the picture notes how I feel about the "Comment Pirate").

Remember, when people comment on your site, you should pirate that material as your own. And to the originator of this "Pirate Tactic," I know you read this blog, and I thank you for pioneering a new idea- getting your material from great comments that you opt not to publish. IT'S PURE GENIUS!

Please feel free to talk about the "Comment Pirate," founder of the "Pirate Tactic" on your own blog!


Athol Kay said...

I'm dying to know who that was Lani.

It's pretty short sighted to do that to anyone really. Ideally you just republish the comment as "look at my smart reader" and link to their blog. You almost always get linked back. Go Go Page Rank.

Austin Realtor's Wife... said...

The Pirate is actually on your Blogroll, man! If he doesn't claim his "Pirate Tactic" publicly and put a flag on his new mountain of fame, I might let you in on it secretly :)

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, or so I'm told!

Jay Thompson said...

That's just....wrong.

I suspect said pirate is on my blog roll too.

And I'm miffed.

Austin Realtor's Wife... said...

Yep, he's on MANY blogrolls, that's why it is so incredible!

The most disappointing part is that I really LOVE his blog, but now I have to wonder if his inspiration is the little guys' comments (like mine)... makes you wonder what happens to "rejected" comments, huh?

I normally only reject when the F word is used, I'm slammed for being a chick, or Ponch tries to call Realtors retards.

Athol Kay said...

I gotta know who this is if he's blogrolled.

Austin Realtor's Wife... said...

If he continues to hide, he could be called out. For now, I'm still giving him a chance to email me personally.

REBlogGirl said...

Tacky. Truly tacky. But why should it surprise anyone, there are a great deal of tacky people out there. As soon as the next part of our lawsuit is served, we will be outing the thief that stole code and cyber squatted and I hope that the community rains down on him in all it's fury. It will gall you when you see the evidence and his flippant responses to our emails. I have a feeling he won't be so flippant with our law firm! I hope you out your "idea thief" too.


Most people figured out who he is and I've noticed he hasn't commented on many pages nor has he blogged much lately. I figure without directly naming him (which could be inflammatory), this article sufficed. My blog "life" is taking off, so I'm not worried about him anymore! :)