Going Green

In honor of Mother Earth and the "Keep Austin Weird" slogan, I have decided to make our home a little more environmentally friendly. As resident OCD wife/mother, it is my mission to keep our home model-clean at all times, but in honor of hugging trees, I will do the following and hope you will do the same:

1. Save electricity by using the powerful Ubervac less frequently- it really sucks up the watts!

2. Save water by doing less dishes. For example, I should drain pasta through my fingers instead of dirtying a dish- who needs finger skin? It'll be good for the planet!

3. I will dust less frequently because Dust Bunnies are creatures of the Earth and it is cruel to murder them and not allow their repopulation.

4. The lawn will no longer be mowed, weeded and edged twice a week because of the use of gasoline and power. Honey, I'm sure you're sad about this one...

5. No laundry will be tossed in the dryer- it will be hung to dry and I will use one of those 1890's flat iron insted of my Super Steamer Iron. Plus, the wrinkled look is in, so now we'll be super chic.

This all may sound lazy but it really is for Mother Earth. In all seriousness, Yahoo has launched a "Be A Better Planet Campaign," Check it out here, don't forget to point your clients toward energy saving methods, and DO NOT take Austin Realtor's Wife's advice listed above!


Anonymous said...

Every year, in honor of Earth Day, I clear my schedule in order to do my part.

I hop into my premium gas burning sports car, fire up its crazy high horsepower V-12 engine, find the nearest freeway and put in on cruise-control at 100 mph for a few minutes. Before doing this I put the top down so I can enjoy Mother Earth's environment first hand. It truly enhances my appreciation of her many treasures.

Then I go to my friend's house and load his truck with the logs we cut from the old growth tree we bagged last year, up in northern California.

Back at the house we build a huge bonfire in my backyard while we kick back in our rain forest bamboo lawn chairs, enjoying the night sky.

Finally, we adjourn to the family room where with beers in hand, we marvel at the walls adorned with some of nature's most beautiful animals, while singing all 14 verses of Kumbaya.

Chris Lengquist said...

My teenage son has already stopped mowing the lawn for this season. I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with saving gas or pollution, however.


HA! Anonymous, you crack me up! :)

Chris- too bad your son didn't beat you to this article so he had a pre-made excuse! :)

prime_minister said...

Excellent post! Every little bit helps.

Personally, I plan to use my buyside rebate to purchase a solar panel/water heating kit. With the tax incentives and rebates offered by the local energy concern, my state of Florida and the Federal government, I should still have enough left over for a nice plasma tv....just in time for football season!

Garrett said...

Take it one step further with the lawn, buy one of those manual push mowers from the 1930s! Husbands across America will love that...tripling the time it takes to mow.

BR said...

Garrett, no thanks to the mower, I'd sooner go cow power, they love grass, right? :)