Going On A Comment Sabbaticle

So I have this neighbor who just has to keep up with the Joneses. At some point, my husband and I became the target:

1. They have had their landscape redone to be a tad better than ours, but they keep mowing int he rain leaving trenches. We like to do our own because no one is as obsessive compulsive as we are.

2. They bought a new gianto SUV this summer. We bought a Jeep this spring.

We painted our door and trim a glossy black this spring. They painted their door and trim a glossy black this summer.

We threw a 2006 Celebrity Princess Party for our then 9 year old. They threw a 2007 Celebrity Emmy Party for their now 10 year old.

And the list goes on. I don't mind them playing the game, but why play? I'm not even attempting to be on the game field! So then, why would they go beyond keeping up with the Joneses and decide to actually hate the Joneses!?!? In what seems to be frustration that we don't want to play in their sandbox but we still somehow "beat" them in their minds, they have decided to hate us. Last night at fireworks, instead of coming over where we were shooting (sweet, huh?), they stood on their front porch with their arms crossed and wouldn't let their daughters (my daughter's best friends) come over because it was a "family affair." Whatever, sourpuss.

So what does this have to do with a comment sabbaticle?
Well, the same thing has begun happening to me in the blogosphere. Look, I'm not a Realtor so I can't possibly compete with you. Nor am I in the mortgage industry. After a few bloggers have either pirated my comments, held on to my comments because their buddy was in the process of making a similar comment (and posting it after the fact, making me look like a repetitive idiot), actually editing my comments (wth?), or simply not publishing them. Therefore, I am tired and I will be on sabbaticle.

In the past, when I've needed backup, I've emailed a few friends (Realtor Genius, Bawld Guy and Kris Berg) asking them to jump in either here or on Bloodhound. If you need me to do the same, or you simply miss my voice, please email me directly. Otherwise, I will be drinking a Mojito as I enjoy my comment-free sabbaticle!


Jay Thompson said...

Some people are just .... stoopid.

I'll miss you and hope you come back to commenting soon!!


Thanks, Jay! Oh... I guess that this comment doesn't count since it's on my blog :)

Chris Lengquist said...

Do people stay up nights figuring out ways to be petty?

It just never occurs to me to be editing someone's comments or holding them back.

The only time I delete comments is when they are advertising...without any attempt to add to the blog.

Chris Lengquist said...

By the way...can we bid for your glorious return to commenting. To be the first I would gladly send you two $0.39 postage stamps.

john harper said...

Continue to drink and scribe

kris said...

Majorly bummerish, Lani! I agree with Chris about people being petty, and I am seeing so much of it in the blogging arena. At some point, it all got uber-competitive in so many of the little minds. I am seeing battle lines drawn, cliques established and even all out war waged. So unattractive.

You know what else stinks? Houston in July. (I'm going home tomorrow - Yea!). Next time I find myself on a plane headed for Texas, I am coming to see you in Austin.

erin fogarty said...

Lani, it's appalling that people are deleting and editing your comments! That seems awfully unethical to me. I hope you don't let them ruin your fun and you return to commenting soon!

Shailesh said...

This is pretty sad. Wow. Too bad. You're a very strong voice and a necessary voice. It's too bad you won't comment. Since you know the person who is pirating your comment - why not just not comment on their blog and feel free to comment on the rest of us.