What's A Bawldy?

So, this week, Realtor Wives achieved a highly sought after milestone- earning a Bawldy! What's a Bawldy? Well, Jeff Brown at BawldGuy.com links daily to his choice of the best Real Estate articles of the day, and "How Not To Screw Up" was named in his list of the bestest blogs. We all know that he had to name others in his daily awards show, but he'll tell you that we take the cake.

In honor of this award, we decided to give Jeff an equally impressive award- the Realtor Wives Hairy Award! Jeff, I know you've dreamt of having the Ashton Kutcher 'do, so we had a fabulous local graphic artist (also known as my dad) create a wonderful image of Bawldy with Hair. Please enjoy!

We are accepting nominations for other bald or balding Realtors that deserve hair- we can (and will) award Hair but only on a need-basis; submit your nominations today!


jeff Brown said...

You've only proven what I've said for years - "Trust me, I look much better without hair."

After seeing that picture, it's obvious I've been understating my case. :)

Just remember, the wheel -- she is round. :)

I suspect you'll be the recipient of many future Bawldys based on your content so far.

You rock.


Why's the wheel a chick?

Sorry to give you hair- it wasn't as pretty as I anticipated...

So, who do you think should get a "Hairy" next?

Chris Lengquist said...

Jeez. LOL!

I literally flinched when the screen loaded...

Rebekah said...

I'm nominating Chris L!