Attention Newbies

I have had several emails lately from new bloggers asking what direction to take (and I'm no specialist, but I'm always happy to share links to any of the 92 blogs on my feed reader)... there are so many great resources out there!

For those of you new to blogging, finding inspiration can be one of the most difficult tasks. No problem, RSS Pieces has the perfect solution- use one of their 225 proposed article ideas written by the supersupersassy Fairy Blogmother. If you haven't stumbled onto this site yet, it is great for new bloggers (or uh, bad ones)...


Mark Harrison said...

That is such an excellent list. Thanks for pointing it out.

Thanks also for your kind comments over on my blog. :-)


Mark in Sunny[1] England

[1] Sunny refers to the weather at time of writing. The UK Tourism industry makes no representations that the weather will be sunny at any given point in the future :-)


Hope you find it to be helpful (especially when traveling during a busy season)! Enjoy bloody England! :)

Erin Fogarty said...

Thanks for the props, Lani!

Did you see that I linked to you in volume 13? Maybe "You've been Redfinn'd" will take off. :)