Project Bladder

John Lockwood has been actively commenting on Realtor Wives as of late, namely on the "Know Your Identity" article. If you haven't read it, back up and take a look before continuing... I'll wait... As you read in the comments, Lockwood created this satirical logo (and it's pretty dang good if you ask me) as the "thread's official logo."

To add to this concept, I believe that this "Project Bladder" seal should be used on any article that a blogger writes that is part of the distance competition (see "Know Your Identity" if you haven't yet). When you're calling another blogger out whether indirectly (as I normally do) or directly (as BHB and the Sock Goblin are currently doing), you should feature this logo so everyone knows that you're in it to win it!

Who's in???


John L. said...

Oh, that Lockwood. He's such a hoot. I wonder if he likes chocolate.

Athol Kay said...

Sock Goblin? SOCK GOBLIN?

You hussy.

Aren't you meant to be on vacation?

PS: By very defintion my sock puppet is dirty laundry.


So, will you be utilizing the "Project Bladder" seal on future articles? :)

I think it would be fun...

(btw, we're in the car with a bored teen and sleeping pre-teen; go go gadget Sprint Aircard!)

John L. said...

Hey Lani,

Much as I am gratified by your appreciation for the humor of the logo, I was kind of hoping it would be a sort of punch line to the last urine-fest rather than an ongoing project.

Your boy Greg will no doubt debate Athol from the Sellsius-free safety of BHB, and Athol and he can both enjoy both the traffic and the pleasure of making a friend with a kindred spirit.

Your mileage may vary, but I think we've run out of entertainment value on this one. Let's go find us another dead horse that is insufficiently beaten! :)


Don't confuse satire/sarcasm with reality... Project Bladder (as you know) is a joke, not an actual suggestion.

Don't pee on my parade (or joke), man!

John L. said...

Thank goodness. I'd hate to think we'd have to enlist trainees and have them all working on blogs on a web site we'd have to create.


If I were you I'd register that TODAY before someone else beats you to it.