Only Room For One More Blog!

Today, I added the 99th blog to my Bloglines feed reader. When I started this whole blog thang (yeah, that's spelled with an "a"), I set several goals. My number three goal was to keep my feed reader under 100 blogs to stay on top of every day.

At the time, that number seemed so huge, but since then Bloglines has sucked up RE blogs like a Hoover. Whew! I now read 99 blogs every day, and I have room for ONE MORE!!!

Who should it be?


jay thompson said...

"Who should it be?"

Depends on who is already there!


I thought about listing the Who's Who, but I don't want some people to know that I'm actually paying attention to them (like the pirate)!

I've had a few emails asking "am I on there?" and the answer so far has been yes... no undiscovereds yet! I'm hoping for the new folks to leave a comment so all of YOU can discover my #100 also! :)