World's Best Photographer

I don't often use this blog to promote non-Real Estate material, but I've been meaning to tell you all about Emma Smallbone of BarebonePhoto, the World's Best Photographer. Okay, so I don't think there's a particular award for that, but she is actually well established (and way underpriced if you ask me) and will travel. She has won a number of awards for her ubercreative journalistic style and constantly receives praise. She's based in Canada (but we'll forgive her for that!) but travels to weddings all over the place.

If you, your children, a client or a friend is preparing to walk the plank (aka get married), you have to look at Emma's work. Not only is she incredible, she has a blog!!! I've learned about her doggie (happy 1st Sophie!)...her family and her clients... never before have I been so impressed with any single photographer (uh... sorry to our wedding photographer). Her silly nature is reflected in her work and she never takes herself too seriously! What a dream!!! When our children get married (or we finally have our Catholic wedding), Emma will be well worth the extra few dollars to get her down here to Texas.

Let me know when she becomes your family's wedding photographer- I'll watch her blog for the best pictures of you you'll ever see!


John L. said...

World's Best Photographer? Oh, now you've gone and done it. Athol Adams is going to read this and I'm NOT going to watch.

You're on your own with this one.

Athol Kay said...

LOL I never claimed to be the world's best photographer. I do claim that I'm "good" and learning a lot as I go.

Actually when I read this and visited her website, I just felt a sense of disconnect. Weddings cost a ton these days and hopefully you only have one, so a good photographer is important. Her price tag for the days shooting is pretty reasonable from what I've seen at $2-3,000.

Yet agents won't hire a professional photographer for $100 to shoot a house that a family often has the vast majority of their equity in when it comes time to sell.

RE is dirt cheap compared to wedding photography.


Doesn't she make you want to get married again just for the photography?

>John, you always add a little somethin' somethin' to the site, dontchya? :)

>Athol, you never claimed to be great, but the blogosphere has claimed it for you- congrats! You're right, RE is cheap in comparison! That sense of disconnect is so strong because we could be using a photographer (or using your site to learn more about taking great photos) and getting better results?

Way to bring it back to business, Athol- way to bring it back!

BR said...

What's this about getting married again to take some pictures??? ha

Is that a proposal? Or a "honey can I have your wallet and an hour of your time next Tuesday?"


Honey, I totally didn't think you'd read this article... you knew Wedding #3 was coming for us (civil, Episcopalian and next is Catholic)!

Uh, am I in trouble? What time will you be home so I can conveniently be at the mall with the kids? :)