Confessions of a Lifehacker Addict

Thanks a lot, Larry... as if my time wasn't monopolized with Real Estate, blogging, family and a stubborn dog, you got me hooked on the crack that is Lifehacker! If any of you aren't reading, it is a great supplement for bloggers to learn about software apps, office organizing and how to get water out of the cell phone you dropped in the pool.

My favorite articles today:
Google adds Group Chat (great for co-drafting documents)
Top 10 DIY Office Projects
Making a Room Look Bigger (great for staging or in your own home or office)
Cord Management (addressing Realtor Genius' cord crisis)

It's no Feed Bag, but now I'm like Larry, pimpin' and slingin' the addiction that is Lifehacker (see Erin, I like to say pimpin'!)!


Anonymous said...

You are sure welcome. It is fun knowing we watch each other, as I sure watch you. Lar

John L. said...

Yeah, I used to read that guy a bit, and he's very entertaining, but some of his suggestions were just screwey, like using Backpacker as a to do list. What's wrong with ACT? For that matter, what's wrong with a sheet of paper? I don't think he simplifies to the extent he thinks he does.


Granted I don't use a Mac (eww), so 50% of the articles don't apply to me, but the team at Lifehacker has the most innovative gems of advice out there (even if you are a cranky big-headed guy who prefers a piece of paper for his to do lists! :) ).

I don't understand a LOT of what happens in the tech articles, but for some reason, I always click on Lifehacker FIRST when I open my feed reader... crack I tell you!

John L. said...

Purva has a Mac. Have you met her yet? She's not cranky, even smiley face cranky.