State of the Blog Report- Unhealthy Competition

Several bloggers are observing the problems with RE blogging of late, namely the abuse of the forum. People have been accused of censoring, being inappropriate and vulgar, inflammatory and the like for reasons of ratings (or prospecting or entertaining).

On a recent Realtor Wives article, some bold statements were made. Please read the article and statements here in full if you have not today. I will address my response here:

We are business bloggers. If we weren't, no one would be professing their career choice, and we would be writing about movies, jeans, kitties or concerts. There should be no "taking it personally," "personal attacks" or censoring for a self-indulgent cause (which I can't personally say has occurred or not, nor do I really care). Come on! We are here to promote our individual businesses, the concept of buying and selling real estate, to discuss the market and hopefully teach readers about what we do in hopes that the healthy Web2.0 style conversation draws people in- if not to us, at least to someone knowledgeable.

Lockwood also humorously tried to correct Realtor Wives regarding "Project Bladder" which makes light of the whole competitive issue. I still stand by my satirical look at the issue- people are engaging in personal competitiveness. Kris mentioned that she feels in the middle (and I share that sentiment due to my BHB affiliation)- no one should have to feel that way because of personal problems bloggers have with each other, nor should they be publicly aired in such nasty ways (simply aired anywhere so aggressively, not specifically on Realtor Wives).

The point: get over yourselves! Quit making it personal- this is business blogging, not Project Bladder. A slow news cycle is no excuse for arm wrestling about blogging.



After some back and forth emails, I'd like to clarify that I TOO have difficulty with "taking it personally." It is a natural urge (as are many sins) and must be fought due to our being professionals. I think the blogosphere will be better with this in mind.

Joseph Ferrara. Sellsius said...

For the record, I never asked anyone to intervene for me. My purpose was to inform you that GS blacklists (it is not moderation, which requires a selection process). So when you read all the high-five comments, keep in mind there are many more objecting in Swan-imposed silence. (I like John Lockwood's "closed society" analogy)

It's quite OK if you don't care. But before we all go around backslapping each other for a job well done, beware that one day the backslap you get from GS may contain a sharp point. Since you don't care, it shouldn't hurt much.

B.R. said...


You and I both know you really cannot be silenced. A link back and a nice flame on your own blog can seal your opinion in the record book of the internet. I am sure you will feel this is a simplification of the issue where you are concerned, but Lani and my own respect for you can be effected by no one but you- we do respect you. The problem is what can anyone really do about the issue but read your own opinion of the linkback and comment accordingly.

I will say just for the matter of record, when I see aski has captured another spam, I always cringe because thats where I'll find your gmailed comment. Maybe a new email addy would be in order as a true test as to whether there is a lag in your comment being posted.

Chris Lengquist said...

I watch this conversation with amusement because I'm not very good at taking things personally. My wife always has to say..."And by the way, I was insulting you."

So anyway I thought I would share this little humerous anticdote.

There is a political/social blogger here in Kansas City that likes to flame me periodically. When he does my readership jumps up about 1,000%. That's right. He has tons of readers.

Anyway, he flamed me pretty good one day and I didn't bother to respond. I seldom do. But one guy called me off the flame job, said he had been looking for a guy like me (after having read my blog) and bought an investment property through me.

So I guess there is not bad press...as they say.

Not really sure it fits in with the topic. Hell, maybe I'm just bragging. Or maybe there is a point in there, somewhere.

Joseph Ferrara. Sellsius said...

Thank you b.r.
I still believe the real estate blogging community is the best and I am happy and proud to be a part of it. Thank you for letting me get some stuff off my chest.

John L. said...

Get over myself? Never! After almost forty-eight years (Birthday alert), I find my love for myself is stronger than ever.

The honeymoon never ended.

I wonder if I like chocolate.

Your humble servant,



Happy Birthday John!!! (It's our daughter's 10th today too!!!)

Thanks for the lightheartedness; sometimes it's just SO necessary!

PS: It's not my birthday... I wonder if I like chocolate

John L. said...

Oh thanks. Happy Double Digits Birthday to your daughter. Actually mine is the 19th, so not to worry, there are still a few shopping days left.

I'm having such fun letting my poor ego get some air. It'll heal faster.

I think I'll run a "Carnival of Johnnie" on ActiveRain. The judging will be fierce. I wonder if I'll win some chocolate.