Celebrating Easter as a Business Model

Many people think that because of the commercialism of it all, Christmas is the holiest time of the year for Christians. That is not the truth- Easter is the most holy day of the year. I would suggest that by understanding Lent from a Catholic viewpoint lends to a great way to practice Real Estate. Whether or not you celebrate Easter, the list below illustrates Lent as it applies to Real Estate.

At the beginning of Lent, three practices begin: prayer (justice to God), fasting (justice toward Self), and tithing (justice toward Neighbor).

JUSTICE TO GOD (or your business): So, I set a goal to pray frequently… translate that into a Real Estate practice of being analytical of your practices, your business plans, and your goal. This aim of justice to a cause bigger than you is good for business.

JUSTICE TOWARD SELF: I also fast- this is not necessarily depriving myself of food, rather fasting from something that makes you conscious of your difficult choice (ex: I could give up Starbuck’s since I go there daily; this would create a yearning for it because I would miss it and it is a choice I make to not buy coffee) and allows you to focus on God and a relationship with Him rather than the trappings of this life. As a business practice, a Realtor should to not give in to guilty pleasures that take their focus off of their business. For example, fasting from internet gaming in downtime or from excessive vacationing will allow you to focus on the bottom line of your business.

JUSTICE TOWARD NEIGHBOR: Lastly, tithing is NOT exclusive to Catholics. As a Realtor, you should be involved in the community even if it’s not financially- Habitat for Humanity, Caritas, mentoring, Adopting a Highway stretch, or any other means to better your neighbor (and not just for the “free” publicity)- that is tithing. The focus for Catholics is in becoming better individually and as a community, and to become closer to God. The focus for Realtors is becoming better agents and to become closer to clientele.

It’s a pretty simple concept if you ask me. :) Happy Easter everyone!

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