Top 20 Cures for Office Boredom

Since most bloggers use their time when not with clients or marketing to blog, you won’t relate, but SOME Realtors/Mortgage folk have down time in the office… however, these are awesome cures for potential boredom:

1. Remove the jug from the water cooler and drink from it periodically, bragging that you 'got the last one.'

2. Photocopy things around the office, such as lamps, potted plants, staplers, etc. If someone asks about it, just say 'You never can be too careful.'

3. Hide around corners, jump out to scare people as they pass and try not to get a black eye (I actually like doing this one around Single Pointe Realty in Austin)!

4. Pretend to be hypnotized by someone's screen saver.

5. Go into someone's office, grab a book from their shelves, and begin reading it aloud to them. If they interrupt, give them an evil look.

6. Give your assistant a copy of Hamlet and ask them to proofread it.

7. Use a hole punch to punch holes in all your outgoing mail. Explain that the holes 'make it more aerodynamic'.

8. Bring a lawnmower into the office and pretend to mow the carpet.

9. Bring a TV remote control to the office and try to 'change the channel' on people's computers. When it doesn't work, mumble something about 'cheap Japanese crap.'

10. Pull a chair up to your window and pretend to be working at a drive-through.

11. Stand at the washroom door carrying a baseball bat and ask everyone in a low voice if they washed their hands.

12. Gnaw on your mouse, make cat noises, and lick your hands from time to time.

13. Walk into people's offices, taking a careful look around. Talk into your shirt, saying 'No sign of him yet, Chief.'

14. When the phone rings, answer by saying 'KBBL, you're on the air.'

15. Proudly show everyone your calculator and hand out cigars. Tell them your computer just had a baby.

16. Paint your face blue and start searching around in people's desk drawers. Ask them if they've seen your pills.

17. Turn your radio up full blast and sing along loudly with the song. Invite others to join you.

18. Build a fire pit out of cinder blocks in the staff room. Place a stack of firewood in the corner, along with matches, lighter fluid, hot dogs, and marshmallows.

19. Place a row of liquor bottles on your desk, and a sign on your door which reads 'NO COVER!' Announce loudly that it's happy hour.

20. Get in the elevator and pretend to hold the door open for invisible people.

(partially adapted from humor.com and the odd imagination of Austin Realtor’s Wife)


Anonymous said...

Obviously we need to give you a LOT more to do around here! You can start by putting down that bottle of scotch; get off the desk, put out that fire in the breakroom, shut that screaming calculator up already, get your hands off my pills, and finish mowing the carpet right after you proof this memo to yourself.

Thanks- please let me know when all tasks assigned are completed.

Jeff Brown said...

21. Start give play by play of an imaginary baseball game.

22. Ask someone in the office if that incredible music (only you can hear of course) is making them want to dance too.

23. Write a blog post about awesome cures for potential boredom. :)