The CSI: Factor, Episode 1

Today marks the first of a series entitled "CSI: Factor." Every day every one of us experiences the "CSI Factor" and it is up to us to take lessons from our surroundings and improve on our very own "CSI Factor"! Now, CSI Factor (despite the heading) is not a new television show nor is it a digital YouTube short... the "CSI Factor" is the "Custom Service Index Factor"- Realtor Wives' newest feature, outlining case studies in daily interactions with those who are (whether they know it or not) in the Customer Service industry. Realtors recieve a "how to" every day through various interactions and should learn how to utilize each lesson they recieve. I have always been a stickler for customer service and have become quite demanding over time.

For example, I went to my favorite restaurant with a girlfriend today. I stood in line with the Senior Discounters, pointed out which southern food I wanted and carried my tray to my table to enjoy all of its splendor. The only problem was that my fried fish lady didn't offer tartar sauce and I couldn't get her attention after she had already moved on. No big deal, right? YOU try eating a LuAnn platter with no tartar sauce :( The solution was within reach- the cashier called down for a side of sauce; no harm no foul.

The CSI Factor here is a 3 on a scale of 10- muy mal! I got the fish I ordered, but I couldn't get my favorite part- the sauce! But in the Real Estate industry, it is important to attend to all of your clients' needs before moving on to the next. You may not realize that tartar sauce is one of my top three reasons for going or that as a seller I really wanted your advice in staging my home. As a Realtor, listening to verbal and nonverbal clues is crucial- when a client feels that you have checked them off some theoretical list and moved on prior to close- you'll never get referrals, and that's the name of the game!
So that I'm not a ranter, I will share another CSI story... At Starbuck's recently, I was in a rather pissy mood, but the barista took it upon herself to make my normal drink and ask cheerfully if I wanted sprinkles. I grunted and said "no thanks." "Sprinkles always make your day better, I'll add them for you and you'll have to let me know if your day goes better!"

Aww sprinkles... The CSI Factor here is a 9 on a scale of 10- awesome! She gave me the stupid sprinkles that I hadn't desired since my thumb-sucking days, but guess what? My day DID get better- she really chirped me up! She gave me that something extra that clients deserve out of their Realtors. So if your clients are frustrated (which is so common), find a way to give them sprinkles- it is silly, but guess what? She's my favorite barista and she always cheers me up! Try it!!!

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