Realtor Wife Interview

We are still learning about Contributor Jen Kay of Bristol, CT, Athol Kay's Right Hand Man (or, uhh Lady). She is a really funny writer- you will be reading complete articles from her soon, so watch out!!!

1. What time is involved in Athol's blog and how does this effect you personally?
There is a lot of time involved in blogging, but it's very well-spent time. He probably spends more time reading other people's real estate blogs and commenting than he does on writing his own posts. Writing comes very easily and quickly to Athol most of the time. Blogging is usually the evening activity for at least an hour, usually several. Computer games used to be the evening activity so I'm not really complaining. All in all blogging is as much fun but more productive than game playing! :) He also does keep up with reading new posts through Google Reader during the day when he has a chance. Athol has recently introduced me to Google Reader, which has made keeping up with all of the blogs that I read much easier. (Okay, so he badgered me into trying it and I ended up liking it. Story of my life.) Blogging and reading does take up at least a few hours a day, but it is time well spent.& nbsp; I usually need some time to wind down with a book in the evening, so while he's writing I'm reading and everyone is happy!

2. What connections has your husband made through blogging? Has blogging created any business leads for Athol? How has it effected his business?
Athol has made a bunch of connections through blogging...most of them out-of-state connections. He has developed a lot of friendships through blogging and met a lot of intelligent people with a lot of interesting ideas. Blogging has thus far not created a lot of business for Athol but has been a forum for him to show his clients what he is all about and get them more involved in the whole buying/selling process. Blogging has also helped him to become more involved in "The World of Real Estate" in a way that is very immediate and intellectually stimulating...lots of back and forth with people who have lots of good ideas, and being able to contribute to other people's lives. Athol has also learned a lot through blogging and has become convinced that in order to give his clients the best effort he can, he has to use all of the online tools that are available to him (thus putting his listing presentation on the blog, among other things). He has pointed out to many people in his office that if they are not utilizing the internet to its fullest potential, clients are going to start passing them by.

3. Do your daughters know about blogging?
Do the girls know about blogging...heck yeah. Our nine year old is definitely the reader and writer of the two girls, so she picked up on it pretty quickly. She does have her own blog, which she writes on sporadically. It's pretty insane how quickly she picked up how to work Blogger and how to do things like post a picture or a video clip. Too smart for her own good.

Let Jen know your thoughts- do you relate? Any anecdotes of your own regarding your husband's blogging habits? As always, Realtor Wives will blog for comments!


Athol Kay said...

"Okay, so he badgered me into trying it and I ended up liking it. Story of my life."

Noted and referenced for future "discussions". :-)

kris said...

Jen- Your husband has achieved amazing blogginh notoriety in a short time. I remember the first time he showed up on our blog (Who is that guy?) and just wouldn't go away! :) His tenacity and sense of humor are endearing, and I have no doubt he will be hugely successful in real estate. (Psst... Don't tell him I said nice things. It will just encourage him).

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this, but I must say, it left me kinda needing more. I get the feeling there are some funny stories here that are not being told!

I also wonder how involved you are in his business, does he vent or sound off about Real Estate? Does he listen to your advice?

Tell us more! And where are the rest of the Real Estate spouces? Surely you two aren't the only RE victims out there!