If you don't use these tools, you're a TOOL!

Since Realtor Wives began, I've picked up some tools along the way that I would assume everyone knows and loves, but just in case you aren't using these tools, here are my picks:

1. JOTT- this is a great tool that transcribes your voice into an email (or text if you're smart). I use it mostly in place of memory skills by "Jotting" myself notes that end up in my Inbox- awesome!

2. Treo Phone- if you are still sportin' a flip phone, get over it! The Treo allows unprecedented internet capabilities- you can take decent photos (but don't break Rule #2...), get mortgage calculators, open MLS lockboxes, sync your Outlook calendar (although it already has GoodLink), and play "I'm Bringin' Sexy Back" via the mp3 player while you show buyers new homes...

3. Humor- which as any good wife would, I credit my husband for encouraging and cultivating this vital blogging tool. Okay, so i was really just trying to see if you were paying attention... but seriously, most of you could take a page from Kris Berg!

4. Commentful or co.mments.com- which you will soon see on Realtor Wives. Comments are a crucial part of the blogging process and it is hard to remember where you commented and what you said (especially when someone like, uhh... my husband... asks you to recall what you said in a post- my brain needs a boost- refer to #1).

5. Bloglines- this is the RSS feeder that Jay Thompson recommended. You can also allow others to see what is on YOUR feeder (you can see my slooowly growing list here and can yell at me later if you're not on it...).

The tools are endless, but my husband and I are always on the look out for the bigger and better tools and technologies; these are just the top 5 on my mind!

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kris said...

Austin Wife,

Thanks for the undeserved compliment. I continue to really enjoy your blog - You are a hoot! Plus, I just learned two new things. (I already had three of them nailed, but I won't tell you which ones).