Will Blog For Comments...

I promise I have a REAL blog coming soon, but for now, I had to share a funny thought... I was in the car with my husband today and the following ensued:
I said "I should make a sign that says 'will blog for food.' No, that would be stupid because my blog doesn't make any money." My husband humored me, "it's a funny idea though!"

I said, "I could stand on the side of the road with a handmade sign that says 'why lie? I want money for blogging!'" My husband said, "yeah," with the half laugh (omg that rhymes) and kept driving. Note that in typical fashion my humor merely entertains ME and ONLY ME, but I continue to put it out there.

"WAIT, I know what I'm going to do- I'm going to make a sign for Realtor Wives that says "will blog for comments," since that's what soooo many blogs seem to do!" Silence... then "YES, that would be awesome!" my husband said with a real laugh!

So here we are with a funny sign "will blog for comments." Seriously though, how much lip service is out in the blogosphere? If not campy, canned material, many bloggers have resorted to controversial/inflamatory material to solicit your comments- and it works! But to what end?

Take for example, Theoretical Joe John (college football must be on my mind... a nickle for anyone who doesn't have to Google "Joe John"...) writes a blog about customer service. He COULD write from an analytical point of view and apply his experience to his own industry. However, he goes out and says "Restaurant X sucks! I hate the pimple-faced morons there and it smells like rotten mozarella. I will never go back there and I warn anyone who goes there to watch out for food poisoning. My waitress was so stupid, she didn't even ask how I wanted my meat cooked, stupid poo head." End blog.

So, Restaurant X, its supporters (and everyone else that thinks this guy is an idiot) read his blog and leave angry comments. Good job, Joe John- you have validated yourself by racking up comments. Don't they say all press is good press? What a crock- this guy could have talked objectively about a bad customer service experience he had and how he would do it differently (and most crucially, how this applies to his industry).

So, although I don't blog for comments (hence, moderation and a proven track record of limited comments), it does FEEL nice when you know you have a readership (thanks you five regular readers!). That is not the point of a blog- it is not a popularity contest, we are not here to bash anyone for our own amusement or ego stroking. And if I have to outline what the point of a blog is, you're in the wrong place!

Feel free to comment, ha ha...


Dee Copeland said...

You may want to join Active Rain. I really like that community of bloggers. It's about real estate, but you can make it what you want. I like the format and how easy it is to post. Since I have my TexasRealtyBlog, I mostly post there, but have some Active Rain articles as well.

Austin Realtor's Wife... said...

Hey Dee! My husband is on Active Rain, but because I'm not licensed, I try to steer clear of AR. I've had a lot of people suggesting I get my license, so if I do... AR better watch out :)

For readers who aren't on AR, it really is a great tool- head on over! Thanks Dee.

(Sidenote for readers: Dee and my husband make up 100% of Austin's valid blogs- seriously! Naturally I like my husband's the best, but Dee's is the only other one with merit in this town!)

Anonymous said...

Exactly how I feel. However, when you do stir up controversy, you have to be ready for the kinds of comments you may get. :)

Lydia's husband said...

I know how you feel. My wife loves to get comments on her blog, but..well no one does there either! There, now that I've typed this, one of you can be happy now! Nice blog!

Jay Thompson said...

"(college football must be on my mind... a nickle for anyone who doesn't have to Google "Joe John"...)"

I *hope* you're not referring to that Joe John ... Finely?... that plays for Oklahoma. Receiver, Tight end?

Oklahoma?!? On a blog out of Austin? Written by a Longhorn?

I'm crushed.

Austin Realtor's Wife... said...

I owe you a nickle.

I hate OU but I married a Sooner... TX/OU is a really bad day in our house!

Joe John is just fun to say. Joe John, Joe John- try it :)

Joe John said...

Hi, my name is Joe John. And, strangely enough, I'm a Realtor, too! I'm not the Joe John Finely from OU. I'm a huge Texas fan, actually. But, my name really is Joe John, and I never run in to other Joe Johns, so to hear it when OU played on a loudspeaker at an OU game was a first for me.