Why Aprons are Important

What? A wife wearing an apron? Relax, I'm not setting the Women's Lib movement back any amount of time... I am not pregnant, barefoot in the kitchen, nor am I the only person that cleans around here. But sometimes when I am in cleaning mode, it is difficult for the rest of the family to tell because I am always picking something up or wiping something down (OCD). At my request, my husband bought a beautiful Williams and Sonoma apron that I wear only when I plan on cooking or cleaning for more than 30 minutes.

When I am set out to blog, I sit on my end of the couch with my new laptop (yipee) and by positioning myself here, I make it clear to my family that I am reading/writing/blogging and may be there for a while.

When I plan on going out and NOT cleaning (and NOT blogging), I put on extra makeup and poof my hair. There is usually an evening purse invovled so if there is any question what my intentions are, I can answer non-verbally.

The point is that we all wear many hats in life and it can be difficult for those around us to be able to tell what we are doing. I am not easy to interrupt (and I get irritated sometimes), so it is only fair to make it extremely clear what I am doing. For those of you who blog endlessly (umm, I'm not sure how some of you have time to practice real estate...), make sure that if you do this from home to have a specific signal set up for your family- sitting in a particular spot, wearing an apron, carrying a beaded purse (or wallet for the menfolk). No one likes to be interrupted mid-thought, so be fair to those around you and wear your figurative apron!


Jeff Brown said...

Who's in the picture?

I also sit on my end of the couch when blogging. I perch my laptop on a TV tray and start typing.

Great minds think alike.

Founder: Austin Realtor's Wife... said...

The chick in the picture is an apron model- top of the line job if you ask me! :)

My husband sits at his end and I sit at mine (and the cats sit in between). Great minds DO think alike!

Jeff Brown said...

My wife's cat does that too, but more likely next to or on my wife.

Is that Rod Serling I see in the background? :)

If you don't know who he is, just ask your mom or dad.

Austin Realtor's Wife... said...

I asked Google... Twilight Zone? You're just mean; sorry I don't like the Padres...